ONIC Philippines shown lineup: MPL PH Season 13

ONIC Philippines shown lineup: MPL PH Season 13

ONIC Philippines just reveal that the team has shown their official lineup. It is for the 13th Philippine Premier League season. It’s Grant “Kelra” Pillas, who won the Mobile Legends Southeast Asia Cup (MSC) before!

ONIC Philippines shown lineup: Kells is moving toward gold.

Kelra was the Most Valuable Player in the MSC 2021 tournament. She has since left OMEGA Esports and is now set to rule as ONIC Philippines’ main Gold Laner. Jomearie “Escalera” Delos Santos, who is moving from midfield to defender, will be helping him with this.

ONIC Philippines shown lineup: Changing the List

It wasn’t the end of ONIC Philippines’ quest. The future has even more changes in store for them! Nets is moving for Malaysia to join HomeBois, so Kelra is filling in for him for now. Jungler King “K1NGKONG” Cyric Perez, who used to be on the TNC Pro team, has joined ONIC PH, which makes things even more exciting. Super Frince is now in the middle lane, and JEM is now in charge of the EXP lane.

ONIC Philippines shown lineup: What Makes Coaching Great

ONIC Philippines is also working to improve its coaching team, so it’s not just the athletes that are getting attention. Antony “YnoT” Senedrin will be the team’s new head coach, and Patrick “E2MAX” James Caidic will be his helper. It used to be that YnoT was a coach at OMEGA Esports, and E2MAX went from being a midlaner to an assistant teacher. They both bring their own skills to the table.

Meet the Staff

The following teams will play for ONIC Philippines in the thirteenth season of the Philippine Premier League:

  1. “JEM” “Super Frince” is Cyric Perez’s stage name. He goes by the name Jem K1NGKONG, which means “King of the Lanojans.” My name is Miguel Ramirez.

David, who goes by the name “BOSS A” My name is Gamboa Grant “Kelra.” The name “Escalera” is also used for Duane Pillas Jomearie. The Delos Santos Early Bird ONIC event

When it comes to keeping fans on the edge of their seats, ONIC Philippines is not holding back like other teams are. They have shown off their strong team lineup ahead of the thirteenth season of the Philippine Premier League, giving us a sneak peek at what will be an exciting season.

Philippines and Indonesia are at odds with each other

The battle between the Philippines and Indonesia is getting tougher because many well-known Filipino players are moving to play for Indonesian teams. The task has been accepted, and ONIC Philippines is ready to face it head-on. Will it be the seasoned pros who define the season, or will the new blood bring the glory? The fight is one you shouldn’t miss!

Moving Around the World

There are people outside of the Philippines who are interested in the story of the MPL. Vren is in charge of the current season of RRQ in Indonesia. He used to be the head coach of AP.Bren. Yawi, who used to be a hero for ECHO, has also moved to Indonesia and will play for AURA Fire, an MPL ID team that is connected to ECHO.

Get ready for the fight that will happen in the thirteenth season of the Philippine Premier League! It will be a battle of NIAGASLOT the best players in the world. It is a chance for budding stars to show what they can do!