Houston Rapper in Deep Trouble for Alleged Crazy Stuff

Okay, brace yourselves for a wild story: a Houston rapper, aka Viper, is in hot water, accused of kidnapping a woman and keeping her locked up in his garage for over four years. Yeah, it’s as insane as it sounds, so let’s break it down.

The Shocking Arrest Scene

So, last week, this rapper, whose real name is Lee Carter, got hit with charges for what they call “aggravated kidnapping.” Why? Well, it all started back in April when a woman shot a text to 911, claiming she’s being held against her will at Carter’s place in Houston.

Cops Find a Garage Nightmare

Houston police roll up, and what do they find? A garage straight out of a horror flick. A DIY toilet, a mattress covered in vomit, diapers, chips, and Twinkies – yeah, real classy. Oh, and the garage has a lock on the inside. Creepy much?

Woman’s Grim Condition

Now, picture this: the woman, a measly 70 pounds, in dirty clothes, looking seriously malnourished. She spills the beans to the cops, saying she survived on chips, hadn’t showered for two months, and went through years of abuse by Carter.

The Crazy Beginning

According to the woman, this nightmare began about four or five years ago when Carter spotted her panhandling while pregnant. He tosses her a buck, offers help, and then throws her into his garage. Seriously messed up, right?

Carter’s Defense?

Now, here’s where it gets tricky. Carter’s lawyer says this wasn’t kidnapping – it was a consensual relationship. They even have a 3-year-old kid together. Carter’s shouting “not guilty” and plans to fight it out in court.

Viper, the Cloud Rapper

This Viper guy isn’t your average rapper. He’s big in the cloud rap scene, known for that hazy sound and chill beats. One of his tracks, “You’ll Cowards Don’t Even Smoke Crack,” has a cool 1.6 million streams on Spotify. But now, his rap fame is tangled up in some messed-up headlines.

Social Media Drama

Out on a $100,000 bond, Viper’s taking his drama to social media. He posts, “I am innocent!!! I am out of jail!!! I did not do any of the allegations and I will be fully exonerated.” Dude’s confident, considering the disturbing details.

Nine-Month Cat and Mouse Game

Wondering why it took so long for the cops to nab this guy? Well, turns out Carter wasn’t home when the woman texted 911 in April. It took the cops a while to track him down. Justice moves at its own pace, I guess.

Pregnancy Plot Twist

Here’s a twist – we’re not sure what went down with the woman’s pregnancy when she first met Carter. His lawyer claims zero info on that. The police are piecing together the puzzle, but it’s still a bit foggy.

Hospital Stints and Round Trips

Before this April drama, the woman had texted 911 before and even been to the hospital. But here’s the weird part – she never reported being abducted or abused during those visits. After treatment, she’d head right back to Carter. Weird cycle, right?

Current Situation Scoop

As of now, Houston Police are keeping tabs on the woman, and she’s living in an apartment outside the city. The investigation is still cooking as they try to unravel the details of this bizarre case.

Desperate Escape Attempts

The woman spilled to the cops that she spent most of her time locked up in the garage. When Carter occasionally took her inside for a clean-up, she’d try to make a run for it. But every time, he’d snatch her back and threaten violence if she tried anything funny.

Garage Window Breakout Drama

In a bold move, the woman once smashed a garage window while cops were at the house. She crawled out, trying to get their attention. Shockingly, she ended up back with Carter after that incident. And get this – he supposedly boarded up the windows to keep her from escaping.

So, there you have it – a crazy and messed-up tale involving a rapper, a captive woman, and a garage that turned into a horror show. The legal drama’s just kicking off, and the truth behind this twisted case is still unfolding.